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The banking sector is changing

The digital transformation process is encouraging the banking industry to progressively adopt methodologies from the retail sector. This new approach may help financial organizations to better engage with customers and successfully deal with new market players such as fintechs, neo-banks or bigtechs.

At everis bank, we are up-to-date regarding new technologies and any trends impacting the financial sector. This allows us to design cutting-edge use cases that can be translated into proofs of concept (PoC) to be showcased in our lab.

How new technologies
can impact the
financial industry:

From concept to reality

Financial organizations need both adapting to new user needs while develop strategies to enhance their competitive advantage.

We analyze the benefits of disruptive technologies as well as start-ups and fintechs to help banks achieve their goals.

everis bank delivers a new innovative approach that complements and adds value to financial organizations service offering.